What You Must Let Go Of To Grow

by Kendall SummerHawk

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Kendall SummerHawkI hear it all the time: “Kendall, I want to grow my business but I’m afraid I can’t handle it, given how I’m already stretched to the max. I don’t know how you do it all..help!”

First of all, let’s get real here. I DON’T “do it all.” No one could.

So, start by letting yourself off the hook of having to live up to some “Barbie” standard of perfection that doesn’t exist in the real world.

If you’re feeling like you can’t handle more growth it’s likely because you’re carrying around excess baggage, which means it’s time to do one of my favorite activities: let go to grow.

It’s simple, really. You can’t pour more into an already full cup.

So, if you want to grow your business and create more freedom in your life you have to let go to create space for something new and exciting to present itself.

Now, letting go isn’t limited to just cleaning out a closet or getting caught up on your filing.

Periodically, you have to let go of emotional baggage, including old wounds, goals that no longer inspire you, “shoulds” and anything that makes you feel guilty.

Do so, and you’ll uplift your spirit and create an opening for exciting new opportunities to come your way.

Does this actually work? Yes! Years ago, I was reluctant to let go of what no longer served me, even if, on the “outside” it looked like it was working fine. Consequently, my business experienced very slow, frustrating growth.

Today, I’m celebrating my third year in a row of doubling my revenue and I’m looking forward to doing so again in 2010.

Letting go to grow is a big help in making this kind of accelerated success possible.

So, to help you out, here’s a quick checklist of what you MUST let go of to grow.

Let Go Of…

Your Lowest Payoff Marketing Activities

If your lowest end marketing activities aren’t actively helping you build your list or get new clients then please, stop doing them. For example: I coached two different clients this year to stop giving away monthly free teleseminars.

Both listened to my advice, which created a dramatic increase in their credibility and their perceived value. The result? Both doubled their income this year.

Letting go of your lowest payoff marketing activities allows you to create higher level programs and service offers. The payoff here? Big!

Feeling Guilty That You’re Not Giving More

Understand that your feeling guilty has nothing to do with your clients needing more but is instead, a deservability issue for you. Stop telling yourself you need to give more and instead start adding up all of the ways in which you help your clients reach their desired results.

Letting go of guilt frees up oodles of your energy and creativity, allowing you to grow with ease and speed.

One Person Who’s Draining Your Energy

This may be the toughest to let go of but when you do, you’ll feel the biggest relief. People who drain you are doing more than just taking up your time. They’re crowding your creative space, demanding too much of your attention and are keeping you from moving forward.

Remember this: they represent the old you, not the new you that is wanting to come forth. So, stop the drama and establish a clear boundary so they’re no longer part of your life. Just like ripping off a bandage, I recommend making the break a clean, fast one.

Letting go of someone who is draining will feel like you’ve taken ten years off of your life and lifted a hundred pounds of “guilt weight” off of your heart!

At Least One Old Excuse That’s Been Holding You Back From Taking Action

Excuses are just the voice of fear trying to keep you stuck. Quickest way to grow is to ignore the excuse and instead, ask what is the worst that could happen if you move forward. Likely, the answer is something that’s not that bad, and certainly something you can handle.

Letting go of an excuse gives you permission to say “Yes” to a new opportunity, create a new program or service or to try something new with your business.

Here’s A Secret: You Must Let Go BEFORE You Know What Will Fill The Space

Waiting until you know what you want to do, what an end result will be or how something will work out before you let go doesn’t work.

You must take the leap BEFORE you know. The good news is, once you do, new opportunities, resources and mentors will present themselves to you almost instantly.

Remember this: The bigger the space you create by letting go, the more you’ll step forward powerfully and confidently into greater success, energy and purpose with your business.

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Kendall SummerHawk is a Professional Certified Coach, an expert in business coaching, branding, marketing and self-employment success.

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