Video Series Presents System for Breakout Performance

New Video Series Presents Daily Step-by-Step System for Breakout Performance and Ultimate Success

By Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D.

If you want to be really thankful as we roll toward 2012, it’s  time to tune up your game and lock in  new levels of performance, success and personal  and life satisfaction.

My new video series range in length from about 11 to 16 minutes.

Watch them and here is what is what you learn:

1.    Learn neuroscience and behavioral research findings that consistently and efficiently guide you to breakout performance. It is now possible to work around and override self-limiting habits to make breakout performance virtually inevitable.

2.    Learn how to structure your day for dramatic improvements in productivity. Intentionally designed routines streamline your day and eliminate unproductive lulls. Learn how to create routines and personal best practices that”automatically” improve your productivity.

3.    Learn the secrets of how the most accomplished and highest performing athletes, musicians, and performing artists get ready to perform.

People who must consistently perform at their peak, performance after performance, prepare for their performances with distinctive routines that cue optimal focus, presence, energy and attention.

Learn how to apply what they do to reap huge gains in your daily performance.

4.    Learn how to select what is most important to do so that every day you get serious work done on what advances your objectives. Improve daily performance by knowing in advance what you are going to do on a given workday.

Target actions by selecting steps that provide real leverage, not ones that are merely urgent, or new and shiny.

5.    Learn to use distinctive periods of focused attention to make huge gains in performance. A bazillion things vie for your attention. Learn how to set the stage for laser-like focus by creating an environment that nurtures and protects focused attention during daily blocks of intensive work time.

6.    Learn how to engineer your environment for blocks of focused work time so that you accomplish serious work. To accomplish more efficiently, you have to create within your overall work day, distraction-free blocks of time for uninterrupted serious work. Learn how to block out distractions, and how, step by step to cue up focus.

7.    Learn to work from personal principles to create protocols, or formal sequences of actions that guide you to success. Businesses operate from Policies and Procedures. If you want to get down to business, you need to be business-like too.

To do that create sequences of actions that manifest your values and principles and apply them.

8.    Adopt a skills versus talent mindset in order to accomplish more than you ever have before. A skills mindset focuses on learning what you need to know. A talent mindset says that success is due to talent you either have or don’t have.

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Article excerpted from the Defying Gravity newsletter of Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist “whose sole focus for the last twenty years has been helping individuals, parents, educators and organizations and their leaders remove limitations and maximize potential.”

He is founder of the Maximum Potential Project and author of the book Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement. He has also authored, with Dianne Hales, An Invitation to Personal Change.

Get free access to his training videos at the site:

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