Is Your Subconscious Mind Sabotaging Your Success?

By Katie Freiling

Most people assume that they are living their lives consciously, dreaming about their intentions and goals and living life accordingly.

However, research now suggests that 95 to 99% of our cognitive activity comes from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind allows us to walk, speak, and perform other automatic tasks without having to think about it.

The subconscious mind has accumulated years of habitual programming that we are not even aware of.

The subconscious mind is actually 1 million times more powerful as an information processor than the conscious mind.

Now, we have all been told that positive affirmations will attract positive results because of the law of attraction, which is true, but only to an extent.

If we are only using our conscious mind, the part that only has 5% influence, we are relying on willpower to get the job done.

Our subconscious mind may be self sabotaging and limiting us in ways that we do not even realize.

If you tell yourself you will be successful and think successful thoughts, but all the while your subconscious mind has been programmed to believe otherwise, the positive thoughts are just not going to work.

We cannot really see why or how some people may have developed self-defeating programming in their minds, but we can start to deconstruct it.

Through practices such as meditation and yoga, we can learn to develop mindfulness, or an ability to live life consciously.

We can learn to observe our actions and thoughts and choose to react consciously instead of out of habit.

Yogis have actually been able to train the conscious mind to control blood pressure, body temperature, and even heartbeat.

Our minds are so incredibly powerful and we are learning that perceptions can actually change the construction of our cells.

So, make the choice to live and act consciously because you do not know what might be sabotaging you under the surface.

Thinking positive thoughts is a good idea, but it’s better to believe them with your full being.

Home based businesses can be difficult if you do not have the confidence and doubt-free knowing that you will be successful.

Don’t let your subconscious mind hold you back.

In Success and Light, Katie Freiling

[Original title: Is Your Subconscious Mind Sabotaging Your Success With Internet Marketing?]

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The image is from the article Talking to the Amygdala: Expanding the Science of Hypnosis, By Muriel Prince Warren, DSW. Hypnosis is one strategy for accessing your subconscious.

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