How to avoid implementation overwhelm

By Kendall SummerHawk



Lately I’ve been hearing from women entrepreneurs how they’re struggling with what I’ve dubbed, “implementation overwhelm.”

That’s when they find themselves bouncing from one idea to the next, with nothing yet fully implemented.

No matter how great a gal is at juggling multiple priorities, there comes a point when she has to admit that she’s lost perspective about what’s best to focus on.

That’s when most women pull back and put key projects on hold, drop out of coaching programs, stop learning new business building strategies or in some way greatly reduce any goals they had set for themselves.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the best choice, largely because it doesn’t address the underlying reasons that got them into this situation in the first place.

Which means the cycle will repeat itself.

And since I’m often asked, “Kendall, you are always implementing and launching something, how do you DO it?” I want to share my secrets with you for consistently implementing new projects, minus the overwhelm.

Secret #1 Let Go Of The Little Things First

The initial reaction most women have to feeling overwhelmed is to let go of what they perceive to be a bigger commitment or a project that’s just outside their comfort zone.

This is a BIG mistake! The bigger projects are often exactly the ones that will move your business forward. You’re better off immediately whittling all of the small tasks from your to-do list.

While this may at first make you feel uncomfortable, you’ll find the freedom and peace of mind you’re seeking once you let the small stuff fall by the wayside, I promise!

I recommend that you pull out your to-do list and immediately eliminate 3 items on it that are not directly income producing.

Secret #2 Never Sacrifice Getting Mentoring Or Coaching

Women biz owners are already notorious for trying to “go it alone” because they feel they “should” be able to do everything by themselves. Ladies, this is not natural nor is it in Divine flow. Women are meant to collaborate and to band together during tough times. There is truly no shame in asking for help and it’s in no way any kind of an admission of failure. Your mentors and coaches are here to help you so instead of retreating, reach out and ask for support.

I suggest reaching out for support this week on a topic that’s been feeling overwhelming or stressful.

Secret #3 Use Systems To Liberate You

One thing I did when I started taking the growth of my business seriously was to create a checklist at the start of every project, listing each of the tasks that would need to be accomplished. Then, each day, I would just “work” my list.

It felt great to check action items off the list and I got the emotional reassurance I need to know I was on track each day.

And even though my business is now much bigger, I still follow the same strategy by insisting that my team create checklists for each of the projects they’re responsible for.

Now, I’m so addicted to the feeling of freedom, grace and ease that using checklists creates, I can’t imagine going back to the “winging it” method ever again.

I suggest pulling out the project that feels the most overwhelming and creating a simple checklist of the steps needed to complete it, even if you don’t personally know how to do all of the steps.

By listing them out this way you’ll free your energy to find the right resources to help you.

If You Use Feeling Overwhelmed To Help You Create Better Systems And To Focus On Letting Go Of The Small Stuff, You’ll Quickly Find The Freedom You Desire…And Grow Your Business At The Same Time

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t panic and don’t get off track.

Remember that this is an opportunity to do less of the small, unimportant stuff so that you can focus on the projects that help you create your next level of success.

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Kendall SummerHawk – Money, Marketing and Soul for the Woman Entrepreneur.

Kendall says on her blog: “For years I thought success meant hard work and little free time.

“Sixty-hour workweeks and just a few days off a year were what I thought was normal.

“Great!” I thought. I’m making 6-figures but felt a poverty of freedom and choice. Plus I was exhausted.

“In early 2004 I had a big wake-up call. Since then, I’ve designed my business around my life, not the other way around. And now… I work just 4 days a week. I enjoy between 8 and 10 weeks off every year to relax and rejuvenate.”

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Added photo at top (originally from article “Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast,” Time Mag.) from article: Jenna Avery on dealing with overwhelm – being a highly sensitive person can make us (both male and female) more vulnerable to overwhelm.

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