Brendon Burchard Interview

Brendon Burchard

“What do you do now? Who else wants to do that, that you could teach?”

Brendon Burchard

This is an excerpt from an interview by Robert Pagliarini : Brendon Burchard: Make a Difference (and a Fortune!) Sharing Your Advice.

What if you could make money doing what you already know and what you’re passionate about doing?

We’re all experts at something. Everyone has their own abilities, skills, and unique life experiences that they can share with others.

Why not make a business out of it?

In the following interview, Brendon Burchard lays the groundwork for becoming an expert entrepreneur with advice from his New York Times bestseller, The Millionaire Messenger.

“Take the first steps towards becoming an expert entrepreneur! Ask yourself what topics and audiences:

1. You are passionate about.

2. You want to learn about.

3. You’d like to serve.

    Robert: And I guarantee you, anyone who is reading this or listening to this is saying, “Yes! Yes, this is exactly what I would love to do!” but some of them may be thinking, “Well, okay. I want to do it but, again, what can I be an expert in?”

Author Susan Delain at a book signing

Do you have anything that maybe could help them draw out what they could be an expert in?

    Brendon: Yeah. One of the easiest ways I found, especially in working with a lot of boomers who come to Experts Academy (the baby boomer generation is the majority of our audience), a lot of them are looking for a second career, or a new beginning, or they’re looking for just more meaningful types of work.

And what we found over and over, to ask just this simple question: What do you do now?

And then, who else wants to do that, that you could teach?

So, for example Robert, you’re a very successful guy in what you do, especially in let say, you know, being a columnist for CBS Money Watch. Okay. Think about this, how many other people in the world would love to be a columnist for a major media outlet?

    Every kid in journalism in the world would love to learn how to do that. But that’s something you just do.

That’s what you do, and I would say, “Dude, let’s start there. Let’s package what you know about being a successful columnist, from how do you get with major media to how do you write great columns, to how do you stay with, it to how do you create user feedback and get the community really engaged with your articles, to how do you get these experts on the phone in the first place, Robert?”

    Those things that you just do, if you put that together in a DVD program, let’s say, for $97 to teach people how to do that. Well, if you sold a 100 of those a month, that’s $9700 of income a month just teaching what you already do and know to people who want to learn how to do the same.

    Robert: That’s a great strategy, to figure out what it is that you currently doing and that, again, I think for a lot of people they think, “Oh, well, you know, it’s no big deal. It’s easy. I just do it.” You know, you don’t even think about it.


Brendon Burchard is one of the top business and motivational speakers and entrepreneur mentors in the world, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book The Millionaire Messenger, and has shared the stage with speakers like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Andy Andrews, Keith Ferrazzi, Harv Eker, Les Brown, and Jack Canfield. He’s also shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Tony Hsieh (Zappos CEO), and Sir Richard Branson in inspiring others to be more giving and compassionate while building their businesses.

He is founder of Experts Academy.

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Video: The Millionaire Messenger Author Brendon Burchard

Author Brendon Burchard reveals 10 steps to building an advice and how-to expert empire.

“People will continue to leave the traditional work world in DROVES, and every entrepreneur’s revenue will mostly stem from their advice within 5 years…the online world allows them to quickly monetize their knowledge, experience and advice.

“You can make more of a difference and income as an entrepreneurial expert today than most people can possibly imagine.”

— Brendon Burchard – from his newsletter.

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Photo: author Susan Delain at a book signing. Writing fiction or non-fiction is also an entrepreneurial venture.

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