Are You REALLY Ready to Make High Revenues?

Or  Are  You  Secretly  or  Subconsciously  Turned  OFF  By  It?

By Ali Brown

Ali Brown

First,  let’s  separate  YOU  from  your  BUSINESS.

I  know  YOU  are  here  on  the  planet  to  help  others.  We  are  all  here  to  help  people  and  grow.

But   if  you  are  one  of  those  people  who  says,  “I  started  this  business  to  help  people,  and  I  don’t  care   about  the  money,”  then  you  are  not  running  a  business.

You  should  reclassify  as  a  nonprofit.

Because  the  purpose  of  a  business  is  to  make  money.

You  can,  and  will,  surely  help  people  at  the  same  time.

But  it  is  imperative  that  you  charge  well   for  your  services.  In  fact,  it’s  a  requirement  that  you  charge  well  in  order  for  you  to  truly  deliver   to  your  clients  the  value  you  want  to  deliver  and  the  quality  service  they  expect.

(I  go  into  this  a   LOT  deeper  in  my  FULL  Coaching  Business  Secrets  program,  as  it’s  often  a  hard  one  to  understand  at  first.)

This  may  not  make  sense  to  you  right  now,  but  over  time  it  will,  especially  if  you’re  new  in  the   business.  If  you  want  to  attract  good  clients  and  you  want  them  to  actually  get  more  out  of   working  with  you,  you  need  to  charge  what  you’re  worth.

This  may  be  hard  for  some  of  you  to   swallow.

Don’t  worry  right  now  if  something  is  coming  up  for  you  internally,  like,  “Who  am  I  to  charge   this  much?  What  if  they  can’t  afford  it?  What  will  my  peers  think  of  me?”

Just  remember  this:  The  kind  of  money  you  make  is  up  to  you.

Not  everyone  wants  to  have  a   multimillion-­dollar  company.

If  you  don’t  want  the  complexity  that  comes  with  that  lifestyle,   that’s  absolutely  fine.  You  can  use  the  same  models  to  raise  your  income  to  whatever  you  want   to  raise  it  to.

If  you  know  you’ll  be  happy  making  six  figures  or  a  few  hundred  thousand  dollars  a   year  with  various  programs,  then  by  all  means,  keep  your  lifestyle  simple.  Don’t  get  into  the   headaches  of  building  a  team  and  hiring  employees.

My  clients  who  decide  to  grow  their  businesses  by  ramping  up  their  current  programs  or  adding   coaching  to  their  offerings  and  who  firmly  commit  to  implementing  what  I  teach  have   experienced  huge  increases  in  revenues.

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About Ali Brown

After launching her first business from her tiny NYC studio apartment in 1999, she has grown it into what is today a multimillion-dollar enterprise that ranked in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the nation.

Ali  has  been  featured  as  a business  expert  in  the  New  York  Post,   Investor’s  Business  Daily,  and  on  TV  including  Fox  Business   Network,  ABC  News  Now,  E!,  and  news  and  morning  shows   around  the  country.    She  was  also  featured  on  the  season  Finale  of  ABC’s  primetime  show,  Secret  Millionaire.

Ali Brown talks about one of multiple success stories of her clients:

“A longtime coach and entrepreneur, Kendall SummerHawk [website] used many of my teachings to take her business to approximately $1 million in revenues by the end of 2008. Once I worked with her personally, she doubled her revenues in 2009 to $2 million. What was the biggest reason for this jump? Reengineering how she packaged, sold, and delivered her coaching programs.”

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