Are you pushing money away with these behaviors?

By Kendall SummerHawk

At the heart of a woman’s soul isn’t the goal to create riches, but the desire to help others. But just because a woman’s primary motivation isn’t money doesn’t mean she can ignore it and expect to thrive.

Unfortunately, most women are never taught or mentored how to enjoy a positive, healthy relationship with money that honors their desire to do good AND do well.

So, instead of treating money with respect and appreciation, they push it away from them in many small ways, every day.

Luckily, all it takes is a few simple tweaks in your daily behavior to quickly allow greater wealth to flow into your life with grace and ease.

Be honest: Are YOU guilty of pushing money away from you?

Here are three quick tips to make sure you’re sending the right message, aligning your energy with the right actions, and making the most of the opportunities that are right in front of you.

Tip #1 Don’t Be Afraid To Shine Your Light In Front Of Others

Many women play small, hold back or in some way diminish their abilities and accomplishments, in fear that they’ll offend others or in some way “make them feel bad.”

Before you brush this off, saying, “That’s not me” think carefully.

If you were to suddenly double your income, who would you be concerned about upsetting in some way? Often it’s a close friend, family member or can even be your spouse.

Listen closely here: diminishing your light not only disempowers you, it disempowers the people around you. And, it denies the gifts and talents graced upon you by the Divine.

Once you start shining your light brighter you’re likely to make more, so turn up the wattage and watch your bank account grow!

Tip #2 Stop Believing That Sacrifice Serves Others

Every week I receive emails from women telling me how much they love to help people who don’t have any money. That’s nice, except that, then, THEY don’t have any money either. Hear me loud and clear on this: you can be poor and serve a few or you can be rich and serve many. Which do you choose?

You see, the truth is, the greater your success the more people you can help.

So, by focusing on helping people who can’t pay you, you are throwing away your opportunity to become successful and help many others.

My advice is to focus on a profitable niche that will pay you handsomely. Then, as you have your money house in order you can comfortably afford to give back in many different ways. This way, everyone benefits, including you.

Tip #3 Vow To Eliminate Any Money Drama In Your Life

There was a time when I repeatedly attracted people into my life who created a lot of money drama…but no more!

Once I realized how much time and energy went into helping “fix” their situations, I took a stand and excluded them from my life.

Money drama shows up in many ways: from running your bank balance down to nothing (Fear of bouncing checks? Drama.) to never knowing exactly how much you have in your bank account (Ignorance is not bliss, it’s a symptom of drama) to never having enough money, no matter how much you make (Creating up and down money cycles and anxious nights, which is, you guessed it, more drama.)

Okay, you get the point, which is to first recognize where you’re allowing money drama into your life, then taking action to eliminate it.

Instead Of Pushing Money Away, Embrace It For This Reason…

Money is a symbol of your sense of value and self-worth, and a measurement of how much good you’re doing in the world.

So ladies, instead of pushing it away from you, instead try to embrace it.

Doing so will mean you are shining your light, empowering and serving others, and authentically living your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

~ ~ ~

About the author:

Kendall SummerHawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach, “delivers smart, savvy ways entrepreneurs can turn their hectic business into a smooth-running, fun, 6-figure money-making dream.”

Visit her site for multiple programs and products to grow your business success: Kendall SummerHawk – Coaching and resources for the Woman Entrepreneur.

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