Self-limiting beliefs: Do you love your work?

Jonathan Mead and Steve Pavlina write about the kinds of attitudes, mindsets and self-limiting beliefs toward work – and our abilities – that may keep us from even attempting an entrepreneurial dream.

Jonathan Mead writes:

sweatshop, c. 1890“So many people don’t do what they love for a living, because they think they don’t deserve it.

“It’s more important for them to sacrifice and deliver value to others, than it is to value themselves.

“That’s the typical puritanical mindset.

“Work for others’ benefit, get a paycheck (to make it seem like you really got something out of it), then suck it up.

“This is how this paradigm works:

“Work to deliver someone else value, while doing something that we don’t enjoy (self-sacrifice).

“Get a paycheck, and then trick ourselves into believing that the paycheck is enough to make up for the fact that we don’t care much for what we do.

“Well, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. You don’t have to sacrifice your self. And the good news is, when you actually care about the value you deliver, you can deliver more of it and do it better.”

Jonathan Mead – in his post The End of Self-Sacrifice on his old blog – now

He is author of the an ebook: The Zero Hour Workweek..

He notes, “The ‘zero’ part is in reference to when you do what you love, ‘work’ no longer feels like work. I personally can no longer tell the difference between when I’m working and when I’m playing.”


Steve Pavlina notes: “One of the greatest fears you’ll confront is that you may not have any real value to offer others. Maybe being an employee and getting paid by the hour is the best you can do. Maybe you just aren’t worth that much.

“That line of thinking is all just part of your conditioning. It’s absolute nonsense. As you begin to dump such brainwashing, you’ll soon recognize that you have the ability to provide enormous value to others and that people will gladly pay you for it.

“There’s only one thing that prevents you from seeing this truth — fear.”

From his post 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.

He is author of the book Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth.

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