Kendall SummerHawk on marketing for entrepreneurs

Kendall SummerHawkKendall SummerHawk is a Professional Certified Coach, and “an expert in business coaching, branding, and marketing for self-employment success.”

She emphasizes how important it is to connect our core values and authentic personality with any marketing approaches, particularly for such a personal business as coaching.

“Each of us has a bigger ‘WHY’ that motivates us to do what we do,” she notes.

“But when you speak or write about client results, do you tie in those results to your bigger why? If not, you’re missing out on helping your listener or reader link practical results with an authentic, compelling emotion.

“For example, my bigger ‘why’ is because I want people to love who they are and what they do. That’s my Soul’s Divine Purpose™. I link that to the marketing message of ‘putting more money in your purse.'”

From her article Tips To Authentically Market With Soul.    [Includes video.]

Kendall SummerHawkIn another article, she asks,

“What part of your personality do you most often try to hide?

“Quirky sense of humor?

“Maybe your love of risky sports like hang-gliding over mountain peaks, or you’re known for being bold and ahead of the pack.

“Or perhaps you secretly channel spirit guides but fear your corporate clients finding out.

“Whatever personality trait you possess that got you in trouble when you were a kid in school is probably precisely the one that needs to show up as a key branding component in your marketing.”

From What Is Your Archetype’s Marketing Personality?

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