Laura West on business self improvement for entrepreneurs

In this video, Laura West of the Center for Joyful Business “shares with solo entrpreneurs and small business owners one of her marketing and mindset success strategies to shift your energy to support your business.”

Laura West2In her article 7 Money Mindset Shifts, she describes more ideas to support peak personal performance in business, including the concept of the “Money Mindset Shift #1 – Everything is a Spiritual Exchange” :

“This can be a huge powerful shift for you and your business,” she writes. “I know as a joyful business owner you already have a business based on your core values of what’s important to you. This takes this belief and resulting action to a deeper place.

“Look at everything as a spiritual exchange of energy. In this article, there is energy coming through the words and my intention, and the energy with which it was written.

“This is true for you everywhere…with each client communication, each business card you receive, each teleclass or keynote program you give – you are giving out energy and it is being received whether the recipient is aware of the energy exchange consciously or just underneath.

In another of her articles, Systems = Freedom!, she explains how “Creating Systems Gives You Valuable Creative Time.”

“One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is they don’t have enough time to write the article, the book or the create their new information product.

“When you create systems for those things you do over and over again, you free up time which you can use for getting those creative projects done.”

She adds, “You want to be doing work that keeps your energy flowing!”

She also details how Systems Give You More Time for “Focus and Flow” : “As a busy mom-preneur who does most of my work from the bus pickup time to the bus dropoff time… this morning time is invaluable to me in helping me get so much done in a few short hours.”

Laura Howard West is a certified professional coach, writer, speaker and the President and Chief Creative Officer of The Center for Joyful Business.

She is the creator of The Joyful Business Guide.



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