Combine Your Many Passions or Choose One?

Thanks to Marie Forleo for another inspiring and informative post –

“Should You Combine Your Many Passions or Choose One?”

Are you one of those people who have a lot of passions and have trouble knowing which one to choose?

When you’re multipassionate, it can get hairy fast. For example, when it comes to your website, do you put everything under one umbrella or keep them separate?

This, my friend, is a struggle that I’m intimately familiar with.

Not being able to just choose that ONE THING to do with your life can be really frustrating and painful. Both for your psyche and for your net worth.

In today’s video, I’ll share two key frameworks that helped me get out of the grey zone of indecision and move ahead as a multipassionate entrepreneur with clarity and purpose.

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Should You Combine Your Many Passions or Choose One?


Note by site editor Douglas Eby: This topic relates to my main book – an overview of personality and life issues that can affect how well we access and express multiple creative talents.

Read excerpts on the book site: Developing Multiple Talents


Resources For Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Resources For Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Are you creative and multitalented, passionate about many interests?

Barbara Sher writes about us as “Scanners.”

People with this multipotentiality may often be disparaged as “flighty” or other negative labels, especially when it comes to being in business for ourselves.

But Emilie Wapnick and others have found this breadth can work for us as an entrepreneur.


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