Yaro Starak on Success For Entrepreneurs

There are many challenges to being an entrepreneur, both internal and external.

You may be enthused and passionate about a venture, but still feel discouraged, deflated and despairing at times. What can you do about it?

Yaro StarakOnline entrepreneur Yaro Starak has created, managed and sold a number of different Internet businesses.

His main site Entrepreneur’s Journey is making him and his team more than $10,000 per month, and attracting over 5,000 daily readers.

In his post “How To Remain Productive When You Feel Like Giving Up” he says:

“I know a lot of people look to my story of success as a source of inspiration and that is one of the greatest benefits I enjoy as a blogger, but – and I’m not afraid to admit it – I don’t always feel energized to pursue business and sometimes in my darkest moments, I even consider throwing in the towel.”

He goes on to note, “This feeling is not so common for me now as I have lifestyle flexibility, a more stable income and a better mindset about work, but earlier on, it definitely was a problem.

“I expect you have felt similar feelings of despair or a lack of motivation at different stages of your business development, especially if you are yet to establish an income stream online that is sufficient for you to live off, or if you are right at the beginning and you have not seen one cent of return for the work you have put in.”

Inspired or Dejected

He adds, “Depending on your world view and personality style, when you hear of the success of others you may either feel inspired or dejected, and while it’s obviously more fruitful to look at other people achieving what you desire as motivation, as a fallible human, jealousy, depression and anger may be your initial responses.

“Your mind is your greatest asset for success in business, but it can be just as strong a force of hindrance, sabotaging your efforts, destroying your work ethic and leaving you with no option but to return to the soul destroying job you promised yourself that you would never go back to.”

Getting help and inspiration

Yaro and his business partners provide strategies – and perspectives on mindset – that have helped them and others be so successful, plus details on enhancing WordPress blogs, and effective marketing efforts.

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