Teleseminars promote your expertise and business

Ali BrownAli Brown, named one of the “Top 10 Direct Marketers in the World” by Mark Victor Hansen & Associates, thinks these “seminars by phone are fun and easy to do” – and a valuable marketing strategy.

“Giving FREE teleseminars is a fabulous way to promote your business, help your prospects get to know you better… Giving PAID teleseminars promotes your business and generates revenues as well.”

[From her article How to Use Teleseminars to Promote Your Business.]

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But marketing expert and teleseminar presenter Marcia Yudkin warns in her article Six Technical Mistakes to Avoid When Running Teleseminars that “With teleseminars, teleclasses and teleconferences increasingly popular, newcomers to this remote learning format make numerous mistakes that mar their prospects for making money from the telephone sessions.

“Attention to detail is essential if you are to foster a quality listening experience and end up with a recording people can comfortably listen to and learn from.”

In another article, Interviewing an Expert For a Teleseminar? Avoid These Six Mistakes, Yudkin notes, “Recording and interviewing an expert on a topic that has value for a group of listeners is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a saleable product. This sort of teleseminar can also help drum up interest in an upcoming event as a free preview call.

“However, as someone who has been interviewed or interviewed others dozens of times and listened to scores more expert interviews, I’ve observed several pitfalls that can affect the quality of the product.”

In her Teleteach for Profit Course, Marcia Yudkin provides details on pitfalls, and “how to plan, promote and deliver profitable teleseminars, whether you’re an entrepreneur, business or health professional, nonprofit organization or corporate marketer.”

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