Katie Freiling on her personal growth as an entrepreneur

Katie Freiling is an Internet entrepreneur, coach, educator and speaker.

She comments, “I specialize in helping entrepreneurs create true wealth from the inside out.”

“In the last few years, I’ve gone from being $30k in debt to building an online brand that brings in over $575k a year; all from following my heart, leveraging my talents, and becoming a force for inspiration and empowerment in the world.”

In this brief excerpt from her longer video, Freiling mentions a number of issues that can affect anyone, but may have particular significance for entrepreneurs:

•  The self-limiting beliefs we may carry from our past

•  Self-esteem – positive and authentic self-regard

•  Fears and insecurities. She admits, “I know what it’s like to be severely limited by fear.”

•  Freiling notes when she was in college, she could not commit to a single major or career path.

Growing up, there was a lot of conflict in her family around finances, and she went to work in a high-end Las Vegas nightclub to earn money, but found it was not the key to being happy and fulfilled.

She also experienced a “void from not knowing who I was, and feeling I had to be ‘someone’ to be loved and accepted by other people.”

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The topics she mentions – issues that can impact many talented people – are addressed in multiple articles on my various sites.

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