Climbing Toward Our Dreams

In her article “The Ascent of Your Dreams,” Jenna Forrest writes about how daunting our dreams can seem, and how we can get sidetracked by others’ critical voices, and our own:

“Suppose in your life, you have your very own inner call, your personal Mount Everest to climb.

“At its pristine peak you might envision your own business, being a great parent, going to Tahiti for a winter, forgiving a spouse, or starting a church. Its nagging sensation is always calling you. You feel it with great passion.

Daydreamer“Because your inner voice gets drowned out by the chitter chatter of everyone around you, you can begin to believe what others tell you — that you’re stuck, that you’ll never be able to forgive your spouse, or that you’ll never earn enough money running your own business.”

But she also writes about the payoffs of having the courage to keep following your vision.

“You definitely get tired, but you keep going anyway, huffing and puffing your way uphill toward your own peak… With time, you become rewarded with a better view of a world you couldn’t see from down below.

On the switchbacks of the ascent of your dreams, you stop to look back on how far you’ve come. This is where you witness the peaceful expression of your faithful efforts. Your spirit is thanking you for wanting more — for trying so hard and for not giving in so easily.”

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