Duct Tape and Your Success

In an article for Early to Rise, Rich Schefren, founder of Strategic Profits, refers to cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg, who was “famous for turning the simple into the mind-numbingly complex.”

Here is more from his article :

Goldberg invented hysterically absurd systems for doing the simplest tasks.

Take, for example, the “self-operating napkin”:

“The “Self-Operating Napkin” is activated when the soup spoon (A) is raised to mouth, pulling string (B) and thereby jerking ladle (C) which throws cracker (D) past parrot (E).

Parrot jumps after cracker and perch (F) tilts, upsetting seeds (G) into pail (H).

Extra weight in pail pulls cord (I), which opens and lights automatic cigar lighter (J), setting off skyrocket (K) which causes sickle (L) to cut string (M) and allow pendulum with attached napkin to swing back and forth, thereby wiping chin.”

Thirteen steps to wipe your mouth. Pretty ridiculous, huh?

Still, you’d be surprised by how many entrepreneurs fall victim to something similar.

They think that by implementing a complex, detailed strategy, they’re moving toward success. They think a successful business needs to be a more intricate one.

But more moving parts do not necessarily make a business better.

Continued in his article “Duct Tape” and the Ultimate Key to Success.

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