Katie Freiling on Overcoming The Trap Of “Perfectionism”

By Katie Freiling

Katie FreilingTrying to be perfect, comparing yourself to others, fearing that you won’t be good enough or perfect enough…

It’s a trap that most of us have been in at some point in our lives.

And it’s incredibly self-limiting and self-sabotaging.

So how do you overcome the trap of perfectionism?

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Just imagine… What would your life be like if you were able to see the complete perfection that always exists in yourself, in others, and in every moment?

There’s an unfathomable amount of joy, love, and bliss that’s available to us when we let go of our ideas about what’s “perfect” and the battle to try and live up to them… and simply surrender to the perfection that already exists within everything!

You really are whole, complete, and perfect just as you are!

Post by Katie Freiling, from her blog.

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Lower photo: Detective Monk using his level-checking level to see if the smaller level is accurate, in the tv series Monk. From post: Perfectionism and Depression: What to Do When Being a Perfectionist Drags You Down.

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