Passion and business – the good and not so good

Steve JobsCareer counselor Valerie Young says “Entrepreneurs who love what they do are more apt to be successful.”

She advises, “Discover your passion by paying attention to situations or things that grab and keep your attention.”

From her article 10 Steps to Escape the Job World and Create the Life You Really Want.

But coach Molly Gordon notes in an article that “everyone wants to tap into their passion, create work they feel passionate about, or express their passion.”

And, she adds, “If you’re assuming that just-right and a business you’re passionate about are the same thing, think again.

“There are several ways that passion can derail your business, not to mention obstruct your personal growth.

“Wanting to feel passionate about our businesses can derail us by requiring our work to provide most of our emotional and spiritual nourishment.

“This places a huge burden on even a mature and healthy business. It can strangle a new business before it can take root.”

Continued in her article How Passion Can Interfere with a Just-Right Busines.


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