Barbara Winter on entrepreneurial longevity

Barbara Winter writes:

Barbara WinterWhat do I know for sure about creating longevity? For starters, it’s more apt to happen if your business is born from genuine passion. Equally important, it has to be fluid enough to grow and change as you do.

If an undertaking is going to have staying power, it also has to have a built-in challenge that engages the person running it.

I have been willing at every step of the way for my business to morph into something completely different if that’s what it wanted to do.

I’m also willing to bet that many businesses close, not for financial reasons as is commonly thought, but because the founder gets bored.

Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are curious souls and if they make the mistake of thinking that running a business is solely a moneymaking operation, but doesn’t offer new challenges and growth, the true entrepreneur moves on to something else.

So while many people resist the call to work on their own, citing potential dangers and fears, the savvy entrepreneur sets out with great clarity about the potential REWARDS.

Barbara Winter [“Making a Living Without a Job”] – from her article Want Longevity?


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