Bringing more to your cubicle life – or moving beyond it

Mel RusnovAn engineer, Mel Rusnov also loves music and describes cultivating that passion in her essay “The Artistry in Hidden Talents” in the book “This I Believe”:

“I believe in cultivating hidden talents, buried and unrelated to what we do for a living.

“In ordinary life, I’m a civil engineer. I make a satisfying, comfortable living working quietly in my cubicle.

“But in my other life, I am a pianist, bringing to life with my own hands the genius of Bach, Mozart and Chopin.

“I believe we are more than the inhabitants of our cubicles, more than engineers or even parents, husbands and wives. I believe we are transformed and connected by the power and beauty of our creativity.”

Quotes from the NPR This I Believe site – where you can also hear Rusnov read her essay. [Photo by Nubar Alexanian.]

Read many other inspiring essays in the book This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women — or listen to the Audio CD.

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Also see another essay from the book: When Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Things, by Jody Williams, founding coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Whether choosing to live more fully while staying in a corporate job, or moving on to develop yourself as an entrepreneur, it is important to be aware of what feeds your soul – and what may be corroding it.

Escape from Cubicle Nation book

In her post “Avoid becoming the stressed-out, overworked entrepreneur” [on her blog Escape from Cubicle Nation] Pamela Slim notes a couple of these aspects:

“When you really love what you do, you don’t mind working hard. Life isn’t just about sitting around a pool sipping margaritas. I have worked since I was 12 and frankly enjoy it… but only when it is something that allows me to be creative and has an impact that I care about.”

And she also warns, “There is a difference between working hard to build your business and running yourself into the ground, neglecting your family and your health. That reeks more of desperation and poor planning than entrepreneurial passion and exhilaration.”

The image is from the cover of one of her books: Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur.



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