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Ali Brown is well known as a mentor for women’s entrepreneurial success.

Ali BrownFrom building her highly successful businesses and coaching women entrepreneurs, she has many perspectives, experiences and training resources that are valuable for both men and women.

Helping Women Thrive as Entrepreneurs

A profile on her site notes:

“Over the last 10 years, Ali has advised and helped nurture the businesses of many of the online thought leaders you see thriving today.

“She has helped her clients increase revenues from the tens of thousands of dollars into the millions, birth new brands, monetize their messages, create lucrative programs and trainings, host moneymaking seminars and events, reposition themselves on a higher-end of the spectrum, connect with high level people in their industry, gain media appearances, and more.

“Ali has run large training programs with over 1,000 members (including her current program Elevate) and hosted events with as many as 500 in attendance, coming in from all over the world. However today, Ali most enjoys working with a select number of high-level entrepreneurs on a private basis.”

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Here is some practical advice from Brown – an excerpt from a post of hers:

Start Breaking Away From ‘The Pack’


“What?” you’re saying. “Aren’t you the woman who pioneered the Online Success Blueprint? The one that spawned all kinds of other programs and online trainings from all the women you mentored?”

maze imageYes I did. And now, please, it’s time to move on.

Formulas are important for getting started. They build our foundations. They help us model others. And they can get us to multiple six figures for sure… even seven.

But you will come to a point where you’re either:

1) going to hit a wall and know you just don’t have the capacity to do MORE of what you’ve been doing, or…

2) you are simply SICK of what you have been doing! You have personally evolved past your original model.

Both have happened to me, honestly. When I get that same restless feeling I got when I wanted to start my own business initially, I know it’s time for a change. …


On one of my recent Access Calls for my Elevate program, one of our members who had recently reached six-figures asked me about the best way to launch a new program she was about to release online.

She had come to the frantic and pressured conclusion—after watching so many people do a four-part video series and livecast — that SHE needed to do that as well.

trust-your-own-instincts imageAfter some discussion, I learned:

1) she hated filming videos

2) a livecast would totally stress her out

3) she ALREADY had great success converting with webinars for another program.

“So, why not do another webinar?” I said.

“Really?” she replied. “I don’t have to do something bigger and better? More complicated? And do what everyone else seems to be doing?”

“Sure, if you want to. But if you are stressed out about it and not sure about it, or that doesn’t sound enjoyable to you, and you already have a model you use that WORKS, why not just do that?”

Ali Brown quoteShe was so relieved. Not only did it WORK, and she filled her program, but she enjoyed it. (Imagine that.)

It’s not about what’s BEST in general.
It’s about what’s BEST for you. ….

Continued in her post “6 BOLD Ways to Start Breaking Away From The Pack”, March 27, 2015
– see Ali Brown’s Blog.

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Video: Ali Brown on the spiritual side of success, and how she faced her inner “stuff” – something we all have to do in order to grow into the “better version” of ourselves and thrive in life:

[Note – she refers to an old event in 2014]

Some related quotes:

“As I was growing my business, I heard from more than one mentor things like… “Go BIG or go home. MASSIVE action or nothing!” Hmmm… And, I went BIG. I did some great things… I was exhausted. So I decided to “go home” to my Truth. My Soul. My connection with Spirit.” – Ali Brown, from her Blog.

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Ali Brown

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