Using painful times for creative ventures

Career change author and coach Valerie Young writes about life circumstances that may be challenging, but also lead to creative growth and success.

Some people find their calling as a result of a wake up call.

It might be the death of a loved one, a health crisis, or the loss of a job…

[Here are] seven people who took adversity, bad habits, betrayal, and loss and turned these sour experiences into satisfying livelihoods.

Sometimes a bad experience can lead you to see the humor in life.

And if you’re smart, and have a gift and are willing to hone it, then you can find a way to sell that humor to others.

That’s what cubicle-dweller turned-cartoonist Scott Adams did.

Adams’ used his mind-numbing experience in corporate America as the inspiration for his management lampooning cartoon Dilbert.

Today his internationally-syndicated cartoon is read by millions and his cubicle is a distant, and at the same time, continuously profitable memory.

From article How to Turn a Negative Experience Into a Positive Way to Make a Living Without a Job, by Valerie Young.


Article publié pour la première fois le 11/04/2007

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