The Complete Idealist’s Blissness Action Camp

A message from Artella’s Founder, Marney Makridakis:

The imagination of a Complete Idealist is the key to her business success.

The problem is that many Complete Idealists don’t realize that they can be successful in business.

They can…if their business instead becomes their BLISSness!

Right now, the world needs new and expanded businesses by Complete Idealists.

With your unbridled creativity, you are born to be a problem-solver and innovative thinker.

You often live outside of the box and the world needs your products and ideas.

When a Creative Idealist succeeds, she doesn’t just make a better life for herself but for many around her, and often many around the globe.

In my opinion, creative people are ideal in business, most especially in difficult circumstances, because they have the ingenuity and unique vision that is crucial to innovate and thrive.

The key is using your creative strengths and transforming your so-called weaknesses, to uncover the “blissness” in every aspect of your business!

This has been the most exciting launch for me ever, because I know how many people have been waiting for a comprehensive, action-based program that is finally extremely affordable and is the only one of its kind in the nation to offer the complete planning, launching and marketing package below.

In The Complete Idealist’s Blissness Action Camp, you are brought into a dynamic, fun series of five live teleclasses that I personally facilitate, with a class on each of the following themes:

B – Balancing Work and Life

It’s no accident this topic comes first in the series! This crucial balance is your best “secret weapon” for business success. I will present tangible, instantly doable tips and tools to help you achieve that balance, now.

L – Learning New Skills

Here’s your chance to ask me key questions about running your business. You’ll also receive valuable resource lists especially applicable to creative online business ventures.

I – Inspiration and Motivation Through Challenges

I will share my best tips for staying motivated through the top 9 challenges that face creative entrepreneurs.

S – Strategy and Creative Planning

How does a right-brained, creative person succeed in the left-brained world of business strategy? By creating your own artsy alternatives that work for YOU. Learn my best tips for helping creatives get organized.

S – Spirit-Filled Blissness

In our final class, you’ll get life-changing tips for how to use your spiritual energy as fuel for all your business undertakings.

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