Are money attitudes impacting your business growth?

Business coach Kendall SummerHawk notes, “When it comes to family you inherited more than just your looks, height or hair color.

Painter by Ricky David“You also inherited beliefs and values about money that have been handed down for generations.

“Which is great if your family’s money history was free from turmoil, secrecy or difficulties.

“Unfortunately, what’s more likely true is that the money habits and mindset you inherited are keeping you from realizing your value and preventing you from charging what you’re worth, standing in your power with clear money boundaries, raising your fees and more.

“Happily, you now have the opportunity to heal your money legacy.”

She continues with three tips she has “personally used to help me go from frustrating 5-figures to now running a multi-million dollar coaching business.”

Continued in her article Is your family’s money legacy keeping you from growing your biz?

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Kendall SummerHawk


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