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Alyson B. Stanfield is an art business consultant for artists, galleries, and organizations.

Alyson Stanfield talks with artists at her art business workshop. Photo by Rafael Aguilera.She founded Art Biz Coach to help artists promote themselves, build their businesses, gain more recognition, organize their businesses, and sell more art.

Her background includes:

Museum Curator
4 years. Artists within the community are vital to the health of an art museum.

Museum Educator
6 years. Most people aren’t privy to a visual education.
It’s our job to teach them how to look at and appreciate art.

Art Collector
20 years. I buy art from artists I meet and like.
You really should meet more people and be nice to them.

Art History Grad Student, University of Texas at Austin
3 years + continuing ed. Art history is a history of individuals, not of companies. Get your name out there.

Video about her Free 6-Lesson Video Series for Artists

Elia Woods, an Oklahoma City artist, worked with Stanfield for about six months, consulting by phone and e-mail on how to develop her business plan and market her fiber art and glass earrings.

“As an artist, my weak areas were marketing and the business aspect of selling my artwork,” Woods said.

“I have put a lot of energy into learning my artistic skills but not a lot into the business side.”

Woods said working with Stanfield was hard because it made a lot of work for her and took time away from creating art.

The effort was worth it, however, because it has helped her get her work into local and national exhibits and her jewelry is now selling at stores in the state and nationwide.

Stanfield also helped her design a brochure that landed her a teaching spot at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

“Marketing to me was terrifying,” Woods said, “But Alyson was very positive and very enjoyable to work with.”

[From article: Web site helps artists develop business plan, by Tricia Pemberton, The Oklahoman – available at Art Biz Coach]

Photo of Elia Woods from

Alyson Stanfield says:

Weʼre conspiring against artist myths. Myths like:

Artists must be poor and sacrifice their well-being for their art.

Artists are “bad” at marketing. Artists should accept the solitary life and find solutions on their own.

Another excellent one that someone left on my blog is the myth that you canʼt be a mother and a successful artist.

If youʼre an artist . . .

Donʼt refer to yourself or other artists as poor or starving. Donʼt say youʼre bad at marketing.

Donʼt accept that you have to do it all alone. Donʼt complain about how much more you could do if you didnʼt have kids.


I’d Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion by Alyson B. Stanfield – “offers practical advice to help you sell more art and build an art career that lasts.”

32 Ideas for when you need something to write about
26 Routines to stop procrastinating and start marketing your art
19 Categories for your art inventory records
15+ Stories from artists who implemented creative promotional ideas
12 Tips for dealing with the media
11 Rules for your marketing material
10 Steps for a more effective artist statement
NEW 5 Key elements of your fan page on Facebook and your Twitter account
NEW 9 Types of tweets on Twitter and how you can use each one
NEW 4 Tweet makeovers (and why)

NEW in the Revised Edition:
Fresh chapter (21 pages) for applying Facebook and Twitter
Revised blogging section for attracting readers
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Updated and expanded resources

Available at the Art Biz Coach site.

Excerpt from the ArtBizBlog –

The 3 Most Critical Items on Your Facebook Fan Page

by Alyson Stanfield

The best way to get your art online quickly and free these days is to create a professional PAGE on Facebook — a.k.a. a Fan Page.

Facebook pages are public and are indexed by Google. Think of them as another website.

“I don’t have time to mess with another website!” you might say. Of course you don’t. No one has time. You make time.

You make time because you know that Facebook has so many millions of users. You make time because many of those people using Facebook prefer it as their primary online connection.

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Video: artist Susan Wells

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