Tama Kieves on marketing and dealing with information overwhelm

Tama KievesIn her article Getting Over Overwhelm [from 2002, posted on her site], Tama J. Kieves says as a “newbie” publisher she was “devouring everything in sight on marketing, publicity, increasing sales, touching the hems of Oprah, and the like.

“I’ve read the books on it, subscribed to on-line newsletters, attended local publishing groups, listened to tapes, felt guilty about the tapes I didn’t listen to, and glommed onto publishing buddies on the path. I am swimming in information. And, just the other day, I realized, I am choking on it.”

While marketing is a crucial topic for any entrepreneur, Kieves writes that she “realized there are as many marketing styles as there are writing styles and I will no doubt find my own inspired style. In fact, ironically, my book is about finding your own way of creating the work you love. After all, I had left a high-paced legal career to drop out, become a writer, and follow the wondrous intuitions of my heart. I guess now I will do the same thing all over again, when it comes to finding my own inherently natural marketing approach.”

She goes on to suggest tips to help “get over overwhelm and get to where I want to go instead. I hope they help anyone else dealing with the same ridiculous panic and self-defeating behaviors… I took 15 years to write, craft, and become the message of my book. Every time I rushed myself, I slowed my process down. I now see the same is true for me with marketing.”

Her book: This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work You Love


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