Mindfulness as a powerful strategy for entrepreneurs

Meditation in Silicon Valley article

Can meditation help you achieve more as an entrepreneur?

The photo above is captioned: “Enlightenment Engineer – Meditation and mindfulness are the new rage in Silicon Valley. And it’s not just about inner peace — it’s about getting ahead.”

This is from the article: In Silicon Valley, Meditation Is No Fad. It Could Make Your Career by Noah Shachtman, Wired, 06.18.13.

See excerpts in my post Meditation techniques and classes are popular among Silicon Valley professionals.

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In her Forbes article Become A Mindful Leader: Slow Down To Move Faster, Jan Bruce writes:

“Actress Goldie Hawn led a panel at Davos on why mindfulness matters; director David Lynch has an entire foundation dedicated to bringing meditation and mindfulness practices to veterans and other trauma survivors; public schools from California to Maine are teaching basic principles of mindfulness to their students.

“And, of course, there’s the Search Inside Yourself program at Google, established in 2007 to teach employees core elements of a mindfulness practice: train your attention, develop self-knowledge and self-mastery, and create useful mental habits.

“For business leaders, encouraging mindfulness is more than just being tuned in; it’s a strategy to improve personal and company-wide performance and productivity, both of which support overall organizational resilience.

“To be clear, mindfulness isn’t about not checking Twitter for a day.

Evgeny Morozov of the New Republic writes critically of the simplistic trend to think of mindfulness as a disconnection from social technology in order recharge and regain productivity.

“While he sees a rather grand purpose in mindfulness — re-evaluating the purpose of all this technology on a cultural level — entrepreneurs have a specific, meaningful stake in mindfulness, too.

“Consider mindfulness a powerful lifelong strategy for entrepreneurs. As paradoxical as it sounds, you’ve got to slow down sometimes in order to move at the speed your demands and ambitions require.”

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