Suzanne Falter on living your purpose

Suzanne FalterCoach, trainer, writer, speaker Suzanne Falter says finding purpose is crucial for living well and working productively and passionately.

“Knowing your Soul Purpose can mean the difference between slogging off to a ho-hum office to do ho-hum work every day, and rising every morning with a fire in your belly, full of happiness and eager to get to work.

“This is how romance novelist Barbara Cartland wrote a staggering 900 (yes, that’s nine hundred) books. She knew her purpose in life, and set about accomplishing it very neatly. The night before she began each new book, she’d ask her soul to get ready to deliver the next book.”

> From her article Your Soul Purpose.

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In her article Are You a “Visionary?”, Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler of Quantum-Self says, “Most ultra successful people are highly achieved visionaries – someone who: Encourages waking dreams; Purposefully uses their imagination to create possible scenarios from their waking dreams; Selects a scenario that fires up passionate desire…”

She adds, “The levels of success achieved by ultra successful people often bring outrageous rewards and millionaire-level financial returns. You may or not be motivated to become a millionaire. That’s not really the issue. Many people can live the life of their dreams without being wealthy.

“You may be one of them. Perhaps your vision has nothing to do with money at all. It could focus on creativity, or simply a less stressful lifestyle.”

Again, a matter of purpose.


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