10 Questions to Jumpstart Your Dream Career

By Allison Maslan

You know you want to make a change: You don’t want to be in the same place you are now in ten years, or even five years.

But what if you’re stuck and have no idea what to do next?

As a life and career coach, I’ve helped thousands of people discover a new direction full of passion and meaning.

One of the best tools is an inward search. The following questions can help you see your life and its possibilities through a completely new perspective.  Write your answers in your journal and  give yourself plenty of time to expand on  your insights.

1. As a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

It’s helpful to get in touch with your earlier fascinations. In early childhood, it was easier to live from our imagination without all of the interference from our
adopted limiting beliefs.

2. What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities—in the present and in the past—and why?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your favorite pastime into your dream career? We choose hobbies and activities that most likely resonate with our unique personality as well as our physical, mental and emotional nature. They are an extension of our inner voice and a blast off to your dream career.


3. What do you do, or have you done, in your life that makes you the happiest?

What is it about this that you enjoy so much? What does it mean to you?

When you are in a state of joy or bliss, you are in complete alignment with your purpose. And when you’re in complete alignment with your passions, intention and actions, success is sure to follow.

4. What things have you always wanted to do, but were afraid to try?

These could be activities or ideas related to your personal life or career that you have seen on television, in books, or heard of others experiencing.

List anything that comes to mind that seems interesting, stimulating, exciting, meaningful or fun.

Many people self-impose limiting choices and circumstances on themselves and their lives. Once those obstacles are removed, the possibilities are boundless!

People often fear change, even if their current circumstances are not up to par with their capabilities.

The hardest part of change is the first step. Once you get through that, creating your new and successful career becomes so much easier. The fear will be released the more you practice taking action.

5. What is a cause that you could get behind?

Is there a cause or charity that you’re passionate about?

There may be some career ideas that will support and reflect the charities or causes that have meaning to you.

One of my clients, Leslie, felt stuck for years in a job that offered no challenge or mental stimulation whatsoever.

She was very over-qualified for the position, but stayed for the security. As the years went by, Leslie became more and more apathetic toward her work.

In the meantime, she was taking classes in homeopathy for animals and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

It was obvious that humane treatment and care for animals was a cause that she felt very strongly about. It never felt like work because she absolutely loved to connect with the animals.

Over time, Leslie began practicing natural medicine for animals on a part-time basis until she developed enough business to take the leap in creating her full-time dream career.

Now, instead of going to her boring job, she wakes up each day to a dream career that she is most passionate about.

6. What values do you hold most important in your life?

If you can incorporate some of the most important values of your character and your life into your work, you will be truly living a life of value and purpose.

For example, I have always felt a calling to help people in need.

At some point, I finally reconnected with my deeper values and life purpose to support and inspire others on their path.

Life coaching was a natural evolvement because it matched my inner values and purpose.

7. What are your strengths and talents?

By tapping into the special abilities that you were born with, you can consider translating them into your dream career.

My client, Kenneth, loves parasailing, so he is creating a charity that will help trauma victims heal through this sport. He has found a way to combine his passion and talent to give back to a cause he feels strongly about.

8. What movies and books have inspired you over the years, and why?

We are often drawn to books and movies that reflect our personalities and interests.

For example, history books may reflect your interest in travel or research. Action/adventure books and movies may mirror your desire for a career in an outdoor setting rather than being office-bound.

9. What does success mean to you?

Success can have many different connotations and can represent different things to different people.

What does the picture of success look like to you?

10. If you had plenty of money at your disposal to invest in your own dream career, what kind of business would you start?

Often the fear of not having enough capital, or an inheritance, or just-accepting-poverty thinking can dissuade people from reaching for their dreams.

Just by putting your dreams on paper, sending your intention out into the Universe and following up with action, the necessary avenues to remove these supposed limitations will appear. This is intention in action.

There are also many resources for small-business funding. Don’t let the financial aspect stop you, because there will always be a solution if you actively look for it.

The secret is to profess your dream, and then start taking action toward it today. You may begin to receive checks in the mail.

Stranger things have happened! The Universe has incredible ways of providing for us once we put out the intention, then believe that it will appear.

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Source: MORE magazine more.com. Excerpted from the book Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality, by Allison Maslan. Copyright c 2010 by Allison Maslan.

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