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  • Terri Levine on The Myths About Coaching

    Terri Levine on The Myths About Coaching

    To receive 30+ FREE videos teaching you how to be a better coach, get more clients, and make more money, visit the Coach Institute site. Terri Levine on The Myths About Coaching 1. Coaching is a new profession For sure it is not… it has been around as long as the human race with great […]

  • Kendall SummerHawk Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

    Kendall SummerHawk Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

      “Simple steps ANY woman entrepreneur can take to eliminate overwhelm and create CONSISTENT CLIENTS, CASH FLOW and CLARITY, starting today!”    Kendall SummerHawk – from her site: If you’re a woman entrepreneur then there’s never been a better time than now to create the money breakthrough you need to claim your success and financial […]

  • Ane Axford and Marie Forleo on Being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

    Ane Axford and Marie Forleo on Being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

    Ane Axford, MS, LMFT – “My name, Ane (I pronounce it like “Annie”), comes from my Danish heritage. “I am a highly sensitive person, who is also high sensation seeking, introverted, a licensed mental health and relationship therapist who specializes in working with highly sensitive persons.” ~ ~ > This brief audio clip starts with […]

  • Unleash Your Creative Genius

    Unleash Your Creative Genius

    Katie Freiling writes: Your business is your art… And you are the artist, the creator. Everything you do as an entrepreneur, whether it’s writing, speaking, coming up with innovative ideas, etc… is sourced from your creativity. Unfortunately, many of us have lost our connection to this infinite source of creativity within us… and it’s time […]

  • Benefit from a job as a "business loan" for your own venture

    Benefit from a job as a “business loan” for your own venture

    Career change expert Valerie Young notes she put herself through college “the way a lot of young people do, by waitressing” – and the place she worked holds value as a lesson in developing business ventures. She writes: One wild summer my sister Susan and I worked at the then famous Thompson’s Clam Bar in […]

  • 8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profits

    8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profits

    By Ali Brown As entrepreneurs, one of our most important duties is keeping our minds open to fresh moneymaking ideas. Holding regular brainstorm sessions can uncover fresh spins on our original ideas, and keep the passion alive—not only within ourselves, but for our customers and clients as well. But, if you want to have an […]

Katie Freiling on Overcoming The Trap Of “Perfectionism”

Katie Freiling on Overcoming The Trap Of “Perfectionism”

By Katie Freiling Trying to be perfect, comparing yourself to others, fearing that you won’t be good enough or perfect enough… It’s a trap that most of us have been in at some point in our lives. And it’s incredibly self-limiting and self-sabotaging. So how do you overcome the trap of perfectionism? Click play on […]

Kendall SummerHawk on marketing for entrepreneurs

Kendall SummerHawk on marketing for entrepreneurs

Kendall SummerHawk is a Professional Certified Coach, and “an expert in business coaching, branding, and marketing for self-employment success.” She emphasizes how important it is to connect our core values and authentic personality with any marketing approaches, particularly for such a personal business as coaching. “Each of us has a bigger ‘WHY’ that motivates us […]

David Wood (and T. Harv Eker) on the Millionaire Mind

*If you want to be rich you have to be adding value to other people’s lives * The happiest people are those who use their natural talents to the utmost * Entrepreneur: person who solves problems for people at a profit * The more people you help, the richer you become Originally posted 2007-04-18 19:50:00.

Valerie Young on creating your life as an entrepreneur

In her article 10 Steps to Escape the Job World and Create the Life You Really Want, “Off the beaten path career counselor” Valerie Young, PhD points out a number of aspects of crafting a successful life and vocation. She writes, “It’s one of those things that is worth repeating – life is all too […]

Kaizen: small steps toward achievement

Robert Maurer, PhD, is a consultant – to corporations, hospitals, universities, theater companies, spas, even the British government – on the technique of kaizen. In his article ‘Thinking big’ could be making you FAIL!, he writes about this strategy of taking small steps: “If someone was looking to break out of a career rut, I […]

Designer Susan Kirkland on creating a beacon for your business

A sign like “We are committed to excellense” may be fun stuff – but what does it do for organization or business identity? Designer Susan Kirkland points out that desktop publishing “has made it easy for entrepreneurs to sit down at the keyboard and make ‘almost’ professional looking flyers”… [but] those hastily composed flyers frequently […]

Strategic Profits - Rich Schefren

Strategic Profits – Rich Schefren

Rich Schefren has personal online and offline business achievements over the course of many years. He’s been featured on media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, The Daily News, The New York Post… and many others. Legendary business guru and speaker Brian Tracy has addressed more than […]

Big projects, manageable pieces

Even huge projects proceed in discrete, and often relatively small, steps. It can help productivity and sanity to keep our main attention there. Jim Rohn [photo] notes in his article Facing The Enemies Within, that no matter what we are trying to accomplish, “whether it’s writing a book, climbing a mountain, or painting a house […]

Susan Kirkland on being a creative entrepreneur

Graphic designer Susan Kirkland, author of the book Start and Run a Creative Services Business, notes that many “big fish” companies now “dip lower into the food chain to overcome business losses” and take on the “sort of jobs one person shops thrive on.” She provides some tips that can help any sort of small […]

Social Media Marketing by Mari Smith

Social Media Marketing by Mari Smith

.. Mari Smith notes: “As I’m sure you’re aware, online social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter have become mainstream. “If you’re a confused and overwhelmed entrepreneur or small business owner, seeking support to figure out how to monetize all these new social media tools and platforms, I can help you!” Social Media Power Tips […]

Publish your expertise to help other people

Publish your expertise to help other people

Experts Academy Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose note, “Many gifted individuals have expertise to share and this may include you. The issue is how to make your expertise into a profitable business.” n their article What Is Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy?, they write that the Academy “solves this problem. His goal is to turn you […]

Bringing more to your cubicle life – or moving beyond it

An engineer, Mel Rusnov also loves music and describes cultivating that passion in her essay “The Artistry in Hidden Talents” in the book This I Believe: “I believe in cultivating hidden talents, buried and unrelated to what we do for a living. In ordinary life, I’m a civil engineer. I make a satisfying, comfortable living […]