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  • Suzanne Evans: How Self Help Can’t Get Help

    Suzanne Evans: How Self Help Can’t Get Help

    By Suzanne Evans Most service providers and helping professionals, coaches, consultants, or change agents get into business by accident. Here is how it often looks: Sally is unhappy. She wants to change her life. She seeks support to change her life. She gets it. She likes it. She wants to give back — wants to […]

  • Brian Tracy on personal branding

    Brian Tracy on personal branding

    “Just as surely as building a powerful brand is the key to differentiating a product in the marketplace and thus building a successful business, so creating a strong personal brand is the key to differentiating yourself from your competitors, thereby ensuring your own success as well as that of your business. “Your personal brand determines […]

  • The Flow of Money Into Your Business

    The Flow of Money Into Your Business

    One of the critical issues for any business is cash flow. Two issues, perhaps especially for a coaching business, can be limited thinking about what to charge, and having a healthy relationship with money. Tom Buford of Charge What You Deserve writes: Owning a coaching business can be very rewarding and lucrative. Unfortunately, too many […]

  • Your Personality and Growing Your Business

    Your Personality and Growing Your Business

    By Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek) – who owns Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, a copywriting, marketing communications and creativity agency. The other day, a colleague of mine told me about a new marketing agency and sent me a link to their Web site. I checked it out. Needless to say, it was dreadful. Oh, […]

  • Katie Freiling and Jonathan Budd on The Power of Now

    Katie Freiling and Jonathan Budd on The Power of Now

      Jonathan Budd says: “I just absolutely LOVE Eckhart Tolle’s Power Of Now Book, as it states in such Crystal clarity exactly what it takes to REALIZE The Power Of Now. “There is SO MUCH POWER contained in the now.  Yet most of us live our lives stuck in our heads, trapped in either the […]

  • The Productivity for Multipotentialites Course

    The Productivity for Multipotentialites Course

    Learn more and purchase the course at the site: Productivity for Multipotentialites øøøøøøøø Related programs by Emilie Wapnick: The Renaissance Business system for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur ~ ~ Multi-Passionate Branding Course “Branding is a HUGE topic, and one that is especially challenging for multipotentialites who want to convey, rather than limit, the breadth of who […]

Thinking like an entrepreneur – not an employee

Mike Litman video: “You Can’t Succeed As An Entrepreneur Thinking Like An Employee” Read Mike Litman articles [opens in new window]. ~~~ Originally posted 2007-03-15 16:57:00.

Kim Castle on branding

“Branding is one hot topic, although it is wildly misunderstood. To make things even more confusing, branding is often tossed in the same basket as marketing which makes its application to an entrepreneur or sole-practitioner even more unclear. “To help you gain more brand-worthy clarity, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Am I really passionate […]

Use Improv Wisdom to Get Unstuck

Use Improv Wisdom to Get Unstuck

By Rich Schefren In this video you’ll learn why I think the book, “Improv Wisdom” by Patricia Ryan Madson is a great buy for any entrepreneur. What she teaches inside “Improv Wisdom” will help any business owner get “unstuck” if they are feeling like they are at a plateau in their career. Whether it be […]

Become a millionaire for what it makes of you to achieve it.

Many of us grew up with some very negative images of what “millionaires” or “rich people” are like, their values and the tone of their character. The photo is Alastair Sim in A Christmas Carol (1951) as Scrooge, described by Charles Dickens in his novel as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner! […]

Finding Your Calling by Helping Others Realize Theirs

The Changing Course “Outside the Job Box Career Expert and Small Business Idea Consultant” course. Listen in as people who have already gone through the course  talk about this one of a kind training and business launching program. Valerie Young, “Dreamer in Residence” at ChangingCourse, describes her company’s mission: Originally posted 2008-12-29 23:09:34.

Passion and business – the good and not so good

Career counselor Valerie Young says “Entrepreneurs who love what they do are more apt to be successful.” She advises, “Discover your passion by paying attention to situations or things that grab and keep your attention.” From her article 10 Steps to Escape the Job World and Create the Life You Really Want. But Molly Gordon […]

Is it work or play?

“You’ve achieved success in your field when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is work or play.” – Warren Beatty That quote comes from an article by Marnie Pehrson, in which she writes: “You’ve heard the expression, ‘Do what you love and the money will follow.’ For many this means they’ll have to jump […]

Kathy Ireland on skills of an entrepreneur

Kathy Ireland Worldwide, as noted by Success magazine, is now a $1.4 billion marketing and design firm, with more than 15,000 products. As chief designer and CEO of her company, Ireland has advice on a number of business topics. Obstacles: “They’re there, all the time. There’s just no getting around it. There will be moments […]

Stuart Skorman on creativity and contradictions

“Know your strengths and weaknesses. Creativity is my biggest strength. (It’s a weakness too.) But that doesn’t mean all entrepreneurs need to be creative to be successful. “You can buy creativity, you can hire creative people, you can steal creative ideas, and you can even learn to be more creative… It’s not important to be […]

Dealing with overwhelm

Starting and developing a business venture can be exciting, gratifying, an adventure – and endlessly demanding, perhaps even more after it becomes successful. You can feel overwhelmed, scattered and anxious. Molly Gordon – president of a coaching and training company for “Accidental Entrepreneurs” – writes, “How long do you stay tuned to a radio station […]

Being an entrepreneur – passion and drive, but maybe also despair

There are many challenges to being an entrepreneur, both internal and external. You may be enthused and passionate about a venture, but still feel discouraged, deflated and despairing at times. What can you do about it? Online entrepreneur Yaro Starak has created, managed and sold a number of different Internet businesses. His main blog Entrepreneur’s […]

Ali Brown : Success for Entrepreneurs

Ali Brown : Success for Entrepreneurs

Ali Brown is well known as a mentor for women’s entrepreneurial success. From building her highly successful businesses and coaching women entrepreneurs, she has many perspectives, experiences and training resources that are valuable for both men and women. Helping Women Thrive as Entrepreneurs A profile on her site notes: “Over the last 10 years, Ali […]