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  • The Productivity for Multipotentialites Course

    The Productivity for Multipotentialites Course

    +-*Learn more and purchase the course at the site: Productivity for Multipotentialites øøøøøøøø Related programs by Emilie Wapnick: The Renaissance Business system for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur ~ ~ Multi-Passionate Branding Course “Branding is a HUGE topic, and one that is especially challenging for multipotentialites who want to convey, rather than limit, the breadth of who […]

  • Valerie Young on turning your interests into income

    Valerie Young on turning your interests into income

    +-*“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman Career change coach  Dr. Valerie Young leads her company Changing Course, providing resources to help people “discover their life mission and live it.” […]

  • Thriving as an Introvert Entrepreneur

    Thriving as an Introvert Entrepreneur

    +-*Can being more introverted give us advantages in business or as an entrepreneur? Career mentor Valerie Young comments: “If you’re closer to the introvert end of the spectrum, that doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to start your own business. Hugely successful entrepreneurs…are not the kind of guys you’d find chatting it up at a […]

  • Developing Creativity Course for Entrepreneurs

    Developing Creativity Course for Entrepreneurs

    +-*Creative Genius for Entrepreneurs “Reverse Engineering the mental frameworks that geniuses from Jobs to Da Vinci used to dominate their fields.” From Udemy: ‘courses made by experts from around the world.’ Instructor Timothy Kenny is the author of “Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs.” “He teaches classes and speaks to groups about how to accelerate their learning […]

  • Get Over The Fear of Being Judged By Others

    Get Over The Fear of Being Judged By Others

    +-*By Marie Forleo The moment I stopped judging myself for being a weird, multipassionate entrepreneur, the frequency of people saying, “What do you do for a living?” went down drastically. … I’m writing you from 30,000+ feet en route to Los Angeles for Richard Branson’s Rock The Kasbah event. I’m thrilled to see one of […]

  • Social Media Marketing: Don't Stress Over It

    Social Media Marketing: Don’t Stress Over It

    +-*“Social media’s not a hairnet. No one’s going to shut you down for not using it.” Marie Forleo makes that comment in this video, and asks on her related post: “Do you ever feel pressured to be more active than you truly want to be on social media?” In the video, Marie mentions this book: […]

Are money attitudes impacting your business growth?

Are money attitudes impacting your business growth?

+-*Business coach Kendall SummerHawk notes, “When it comes to family you inherited more than just your looks, height or hair color. “You also inherited beliefs and values about money that have been handed down for generations. “Which is great if your family’s money history was free from turmoil, secrecy or difficulties. “Unfortunately, what’s more likely […]

Online Success Blueprint Workshop

+-*How ANY time-starved solo-preneur can use email and the Internet to leverage their business and create extra income… Ali Brown has built a 7-figure income with this special formula, and you can use her exact same strategies just as her students do with spectacular results. Online Success Blueprint Workshop November 13, 14, & 15, 2008, […]

Michael Angier: "Unprecedented innovation"

+-*Being an entrepreneur is fundamentally a creative venture Michael Angier [left] of Success Networks International, among other leaders, thinks we are living in a period with continual opportunities to develop new ventures. In his article Innovation: Ideas Are Cheap – But Extremely Valuable, Angier writes, “I believe the world is entering a time of unprecedented […]

Barbara Winter on entrepreneurial longevity

+-*What do I know for sure about creating longevity? For starters, it’s more apt to happen if your business is born from genuine passion. Equally important, it has to be fluid enough to grow and change as you do. If an undertaking is going to have staying power, it also has to have a built-in […]

Barbara Winter on living a jobless life

+-*In her article Why I Will Never Have a Job, Barbara J. Winter lists many benefits of a jobless, entrepreneurial life, including these: Freedom. Now more than ever our freedom is threatened. Participating in one of our greatest freedoms, the free enterprise system, is standing up for this valuable gift. People who take freedom for […]

Stuart Skorman on creativity and contradictions

+-*“Know your strengths and weaknesses. Creativity is my biggest strength. (It’s a weakness too.) But that doesn’t mean all entrepreneurs need to be creative to be successful. “You can buy creativity, you can hire creative people, you can steal creative ideas, and you can even learn to be more creative… It’s not important to be […]

Susan Kirkland on being a creative entrepreneur

+-*Graphic designer Susan Kirkland, author of the book Start and Run a Creative Services Business, notes that many “big fish” companies now “dip lower into the food chain to overcome business losses” and take on the “sort of jobs one person shops thrive on.” She provides some tips that can help any sort of small […]

Entrepreneur to Infopreneur

+-*The term “Infopreneur” is a relatively new industry buzz word that is making waves because it opens doors for entrepreneurs to generate new streams of income. Simply put, an infopreneur sells information. Information products are offered in a variety of formats including books, e-books, special reports, audio formats, videos, workbooks, booklets, and virtually any method […]

Kathy Ireland on skills of an entrepreneur

+-*Kathy Ireland Worldwide, as noted by Success magazine, is now a $1.4 billion marketing and design firm, with more than 15,000 products. As chief designer and CEO of her company, Ireland has advice on a number of business topics. Obstacles: “They’re there, all the time. There’s just no getting around it. There will be moments […]

Designer Susan Kirkland on creating a beacon for your business

+-*A sign like “We are committed to excellense” may be fun stuff – but what does it do for organization or business identity? Designer Susan Kirkland points out that desktop publishing “has made it easy for entrepreneurs to sit down at the keyboard and make ‘almost’ professional looking flyers”… [but] those hastily composed flyers frequently […]

Jonathan Fields on being a career renegade in a time of crisis

+-*.. In his post Can You Go Renegade In Midst Of Crisis?, Jonathan Fields writes about pursuing an entrepreneurial life in difficult times. “If you’re in the midst of crisis and your immediate need is to put food on the table and pay your rent or mortgage, that will pretty much always take priority over […]

Jim Rohn on Cultivating Your Enterprising Nature

+-*Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Enterprising people simply do more with their 24 hours — working not harder but smarter. We’re all aware that many people feel that we must be careful when focusing on money or affluence or abundance… that in the pursuit of those things, there is danger. If […]